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Henrik Plumbing Inc. pulls plumbing permits, most of the work that Henrik Plumbing Inc. does require permits. 
We will pull the permits, that means most work requires a day or two before we can start. You are never
required to have us start the work right away, our pricing is upfront and free.

Based on your initial request will take into consideration your building type, construction, your wants and needs.
We will then make proper re-piping plumbing recommendations.

During the plumbing site survey we will ask you many questions about your house and plumbing

Which plumbing systems do you want to replace? Water? Gas? Drains? Other? Why?

Why exactly do you want to Repipe? What exactly are the plumbing problem(s) that you are having?

How old is your house? How many square feet is your house? 

How many toilets are in the house? How old is your water heater? Have you replaced your water main?

Have you had any previous plumbing problems? Have you made any plumbing repairs.

Are any of the drains slow or leaking? Are you aware of any mold growth?

Do you have any other planned construction projects or additions?

If you have any request, special concerns, suggestions, product recommendations, share that information during the
site survey process. If you have a list of questions, We will be happy to assist You with answers.

Plumbing problems in California. 

The problems with soft copper, type M thin wall copper, slab leaks with 
soft copper under ground under slabs. 

There are major issues with soft copper leaks, leaking pipes, slab leaks and type M thin
 wall red stripe  copper pipe, all copper water supply lines should be U.S.A. hard
type L thickness 
 (.045) or thicker pipe (K.065). If you  have soft copper or thin wall M pipes anywhere in your
 house you can expect to have leaking pipes  in as little as 7-10 years, some times less.

The cities in Orange CountyCalifornia are listed below. Chances are there are at least 20
houses in your neighborhood that have slab leaks if your housing tract was built
in the last 30 years with soft copper under the slab or type M thin wall copper.

You do not always notice slab leaks until the slab leak gets bad enough to display more
obvious signs like - a slab that becomes hot or warm,  making hissing sounds of water leaking
thru the pipes, discoloration or moist walls, wet spots on the floor and base boards, 
wet soggy spots around the outside perimeter of the foundation, water pooling around the house,
and water damage flooding.

The not so obvious signs of slab leaks are water bills that reflect an increases amount
 of water usage, gas bills that reflect more gas usage to heat water in the water heater.

You can have a really bad water leak under your slab and not have any readily noticeable
signs or water damagehouses that are built on sandy or rocky soil that will wash out
and under cut your slab and/or foundation. Check with your neighbors to see if they have
had any slab leaks or water damage. If repiping is already going on in your neighborhood now
is the time to repipe, do not wait for a disaster to happen. Prevention before disaster is the 
better way to go, repipe now.

Water Supply is the water system that supplies and services a building or residence. The source for that water can come from
 a private well or 
 from a public water supplier. That supply water is usually treated and/or filtered before it enters into a home. 

Waste Drains 

Drains and the sewer system is the piping that drains the water that is used within a building. The building drain system is in reference to the
drainage pipes within the perimeter of the foundation. Once the building drainage system leaves the building it is referred to as the
sewer or 
building sewer. Drain pipes within the perimeter of the foundation can be made of the following materials ABS plastic, PVC plastic,
 copper DWV, galvanized steel, cast iron. Cast iron and Complex Plastics are
 the quietest of all and more expensive.  Cast iron is also more
expensive to handle 
and install.  Copper is seldom used for drainage because of cost.  ABS Plastics are perfect for disposing of sewer or 
drain water. PEX "A" is perfect 
for pressurized drinking water. The sewer or building sewer pipe materials are ABS, cast iron, PVC and clay. 
Clay is never allowed with in the 
foundation perimeter. Clay is one of the most common materials used outside. Because of Durability, 
Workability, and Price A.B.S. black plastic 
 is replacing Clay Sewer pipes.

Area Drains

Area drains and storm drains are the piping that drains the water away from areas around pools, decks, walk ways, driveways, patios, and areas that 
are prone to receive water during a storm. These drains are vital to protect the property, the foundation, and basement, from flooding or water damage during a storm. This drainage system does not normally drain into the building drain or sewer system. This systems drains to the curb 
or into a wash. 

Gas Systems

The gas supply systems is the gas piping system that supplies natural fuel gas to fixtures and appliances 
such as stoves, water heaters, dryers, heaters, BBQ's, fire pits, pool heaters, and central heating.
There have 
 been improvements in gas piping, and there are more material choices like; flexible
stainless steel, 
 poly-ethylene, and other plastic materials. These "new" materials make gas installations
faster, cost less 
and last longer. Natural gas in residential plumbing is low pressure approximatly 4 PSI. 

It is recommended that earthquake gas shut-off valve be installed on every building. Check with your
plumber about cost and code requirements. Remember to include gas piping for your remodeling 
that require gas appliances. 

Tank-less water heaters

Tank water heaters have improved a lot in the last ten years. Tank water heaters can boast energy efficient ratings as high as 96-97%, and can also make the claim to "endless hot water" at a rate of three gallons per minute. Tank water heaters have improved in safety in preventing flash backs from gasoline fumes in garage areas. It is still recommended that water heaters be installed on a stand where the pilot light is at least 18" inches above the ground. Any type of water heater that burns fuel must have proper air supply. It is recommended that all water heaters be placed outside of that house either in a garage or in a shed. Tank-less water heaters do not require a shed. In extremely frigid conditions extra precautions may be required to protect your water heater. Tank water heaters also work best with re-circulation systems. Tank water heaters also work best with solar systems and can also store the heated water from a solar panel. Tank water heaters are generally considered more comfortable because you have precise control of your warm to hot water. Tank water heaters also have an initial lower cost at the basic level and require no electrical supply. Advanced Tank Technology is Top of the line and 
qualifies as "green." 

Some of the new tank water heaters are pilot-less and have a hot surface electric ignition system, these pilot-less water heaters do require an 
 electrical outlet. 

Tank-less water heaters are getting a lot of advertising and public exposure lately. Tank-less water heaters are not new and have been around 
since the early 1900’s. A tank-less water heater is as basic as a coil of copper of water pipe with a flame under it. New technology has improved the copper coil to a new science of sensors and switches that regulate the temperature to flow rates. Tank-less water heaters have no tank, the  burner heats the water as the water runs through the unit. Tank-less water heaters are also referred to as flash water heaters, because they use a lot of fuel and produce a lot of BTU in a short period of time. A basic tank water heater can produce on average 38,000 BTU, in contrast a tank-less water heater can produce up to 280,000 BTU’s. Tank-less water heaters fall into the "on demand" type of water heater. Because tank-less water heaters can heat water up in a flash they will not reheat water in a tank again and again wasting energy.

Tank-less water heaters can also produce "endless hot water" up to 13 gallons a minute "forever hot water" and never run out. You could run up 
to 5-7 showers constantly and never run out of hot water. If you have a Roman bath tub or a large family that loves to take long showers, "going tankless" may be the right choice. 

There are a few things to consider about going tank-less. Tank-less water heaters require a dedicated gas line 3/4" inch for the first 30' feet from 
 the meter to the water heater and a 1"inch line up to 80' feet. Tank-less water heaters also require an electrical outlet to power the vent fan and the computer board. The average energy efficiency rating is only 70-82%. There are new highly efficient tank-less water heaters that are up to  95-97% efficient. Tank-less water heaters do not have to reheat water in a tank. Tank-less water heaters should have an inline water filter  feeding to the tank-less water heater. The venting on a tank-less water heater is expensive and must be properly installed. 

Plumbing Options and Upgrades 

Henrik Plumbing

Plumbing Options and Upgrades

Here is what Consumer Reports had to say- 
"Heating water accounts for up to 30 percent of the average home's energy budget. Some makers of gas-fired tankless water heaters claim their products can cut your energy costs up to half over regular storage heaters. So is it time to switch?................."

Proper venting and combustion air 

Old existing class "A" or "B" venting is not proper with tank-less and venting cannot be shared with other fixtures. Tank-less water heaters also 
 require maintenance at least once every three years, where the heating unit needs to be acid washed. Be careful not to cut corners by under sizing  gas lines, using existing or improper venting, sharing gas lines or not installing a water filter. If you do not properly install a tank-less water heater it can be dangerous, and also void the warranty. Make sure you have proper fresh air ventilation and proper exhaust venting. A tank-less water heater is an appliance that requires natural gas and electricity. If the power goes out, you have no hot water. Tank-less water heaters are expensive  if properly installed. Tank-less water heaters also qualify as being "green." Tank-less require a lot of "green" to properly install, know the facts and  make your choice wisely. Make a list of reasons for going tank or tank-less, compare your reasons and prices, then decide.

Re-piping Drains

 Repiping is usually in reference to replacing the water supply piping. Drain re-piping is recommended at the time of water supply re-piping.
 Drain re-piping material is usually plastic pipes like ABS and PVC. Cast iron is also used for drain re-piping. It will cost less to have your drains 
repiped during the "water supply" re-piping process, as opposed to having it done seperately. Doing the supply and drains at the same time will 
save you money and time. Prevention before disaster. You can make the decision to repipe both systems now rather than having your leaking 
drain pipes remind you later.  

An onsite inspection is critical for a professional and accurate re-piping Estimate . Standard re-piping projects include installation of all new hot 
and cold water piping from the water source to all existing faucets and fixtures. Unless specifically included in the proposal, drain replaceme
and fixtures are not included. 

  • Damage caused by water is one of the largest sources of insurance claims, and if the repair job is not done correctly, more problems can occur. Water must be rapidly dried from 
  • all affected areas—otherwise, your wood could warp and swell, electrical parts could short and cause fires, metals could rust, and remaining moisture could lead to deadly mold infestations.
  • Jarvis has worked with all major insurance companies in our area to quickly return water-damaged homes to pre-loss condition.Our professionals understand the importance of quickly and efficiently drying and repairing all water causing damages. We are experts with years of experience in quickly evaluating the source and damage caused by water.
  • We utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to dry the wet areas, clean and sanitize all affected areas, and finally repair and restore your home to normal. Throughout the process
  • we measure the moisture and humidity levels so that we are sure your home is dry and mold-free.    Restoration    watersmokefirerestoration

Repiping Experts - Proper installation is the most important step to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient system. There are 7 major steps included in a repiping installation
 and we have summarized each step  - The re-piping process is also known as a repipe job (re-pipe, re-piping, repiping, new piping, re-plumbing, re plumbing. 
Piping and piping replacement). Re-piping and repipe is part of the plumbing C-36 license classification. We are licensed expert plumbers. We are re-pipers. We are experienced repipe specialists. Why repipe? As the pipes of a plumbing system age, these pipes will need to be replaced because of corrosion, rust, a leak, leaks, 
slab leaks, pin hole leaks, soft copper leaking, low water pressure, and rusty water. This replacement process is referred to as "re-piping" or getting your house or 
building repiped. Repipe

Air Conditioning - The decisions you make about heating, ventilation and air conditioning - or HVAC - in your home or business directly affect your monthly energy usage and utility bills, as well as your health. Throughout this site, you’ll learn more about the costs and benefits of a new 
home comfort system vs. an older system, find valuable information about air filters and air purifiers, gather tips on air conditioning 
maintenance and installation, and learn what to look for in choosing a company to install your home comfort system. 

From basic, energy-saving models to sophisticated, technology-based systems, there are a wide variety of home comfort systems to choose 
from. Heating and cooling system installation requirements differ depending on the type of your home or building. Some homes were designed 
for split systems, with the air conditioner or heat pump outside and the furnace or air handler with cooling coil inside. While other homes were 
built to accommodate a single package unit outside the house, with only the ductwork and supply/returns inside. More AirConditioning

When planning your home renovation, you may be working with a wide range of people.

  • Architect - The architect designs the plans and creates a list of material specifications. He or she can also provide references for contractors who can implement your home renovation.
  • General contractor - The general contractor oversees the entire and oversees the subcontractors, such as electrical, plumbing, painting, or roofing. Some contractors can help with planning and 
  • designing your renovation, while others do only the actual renovation work.
  • Interior designer - The interior designer can help plan your rooms to make them more functional and can solve space problems, as well as give your home a whole new look.
  • Design/build contractor - A design/build contractor sees the renovation job through start to finish. Design/build contractors usually work in conjunction with an architect or interior designer to help 
  • with the planning and designing phase.
With any potential craftsperson, it's important to thoroughly discuss your needs, review their portfolios and references so you can examine the quality of work, and make an informed 
 More -  

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